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The TMO Report:
The Total Market Overview Report gives you the competitive edge, allows you to inform and impress your clients, saves you and your clients time and money and most importantly, allows you to increase your efficiency, resulting in more closed sales! The TMO Reports are designed to remove the assumptions your clients my have about the current market in Phoenix, AZ, and set the expectations of what your clients can expect in an often overwhelming real estate market.


As a real estate professional in Phoenix, you have experienced how difficult it is to steer your clients to a realistic expectation of today's market. Because of the internet, and news media home buyers and sellers alike think they are experts and know how to navigate today's market. Although your clients "think" they have a handle on the real estate market, you are able to show them the hard cold statistics so they can see the numbers for themselves.

Unlike popular market reports, the TMO Report give you a snap shot of TODAY's Market. Other reports show change over time, where our report is updated weekly with statistical analysis of the market, including active, pending, expired, and sold listings for the last six (6) months; allowing our report to be more accurate. We also provide you with: days on market, average prices, pending ratios, list-to-sale ratios, and absorption rates!


Why Use Market Data Reports?

The Pending Ratio: A Market Thermometer
A thermometer tells you how hot or cold something is. The pending ratio can show you the same thing in Phoenix's real estate market. The pending ratio can show you how fast or slow homes in an area are selling. Using the TMO Report and showing your clients the pending ratio can be an easy way to set their expectations when trying to buy or sell a home.

The same can be said with the Absorption Rate, or Month's of Inventory. High months of inventory, a buyers market, means that homes are selling slowly and buyers have the upper hand and have lots of homes to choose from. On the flip side, low months of inventory or a seller's market gives sellers the upper hand. When there is low inventory there is high demand, and sellers are more able to call the shots.

The absorption rate is determined buy a calculation of active listings (homes still available for sale) and the total number of homes sold over six months. Some companies use a 12 month cycle, but we use a 6 month cycle to create a more accurate picture of the current market. If you divide the active number by 6 and you have the average number of sales per month.

Now, you can divide the total number of active listings by the average number of sales per month. This is the estimated number of months it will take if no other homes come on the market.

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Top 10 Reasons To Use The Phoenix TMO Reports
#10:  You Hate Math - We do it for you!

#9:  Do your clients think they know more about Phoenix's Real Estate Market than you do? Our report gives you the market authority with COLD HARD FACTS.

#8:  You pay month to month, NO locked in contracts.

#7:  Clear, easy to understand reports, giving a snapshot of TODAY's market in Phoenix.

#6:  Adapt your marketing strategies to a changing market.

#5:  Create urgency with Buyers and Sellers using the Pending Ratio column.

#4:  Give an easy to use snapshot with our simple graphics and hard numbers.

#3:  Reports are created and uploaded weekly.

#2:  Give your clients another resource to show them your justifications for your pricing suggestions.

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